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Happy Holidays!
 We would like to thank all of our customers who sailed with us again this season. It was our pleasure to have you aboard and we appreciate you spending your days off with us.
 It looks like next season will begin may 1st again, fishing for fluke at 7am. Porgies will start a couple of weeks after that.
One exciting thing for next year is that we have purchased another boat so keep an eye out for some special trips.With two boats we should always have an open boat available every day.
Anyone interested in a private charter please call early to get the date you would like.

Thanks again everyone for another great season!!!
   ~The Osprey Family
Osprey Fishing Port Jefferson Long Island
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The OSPREY V is a 65ft Gilliken Boat Works with a 23 foot beam. Outfitted with twin turbo Caterpillars and the latest in fish finding and navigational electronics, all designed with fishing comfort in mind. The cabin is Air Conditioned and is equipped with Men and Women head accommodations. Large spacious Upper Deck for relaxing between fishing stops.
Your ultimate party boat experience!  Your crew Captain Stew Cash, Captain Amanda Cash, and Captain James Peterson have vast knowledge and understanding when it comes to party boat fishing. The Osprey is a family owned business with over 40 years experience fishing the North Shore.  Teamed up with the rest of our helpful and experienced crew they will attend to all your fishing needs.
"Sharpen Your Hooks, Pack A Big Lunch and Have Some Fun On The OSPREY
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Osprey party Boat Fishing Port Jefferson Long Island